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About O'Kelly


At O’Kelly, we use only the highest quality raw materials. The result is that you get a packaging product you can depend on.

Because we’re a family owned business, you’ll notice our special brand of customer service. It’s the kind of service that comes from people who truly value customers.

We produce a wide range of packaging products for businesses all over Australia. Whether printed or plain, our products are strong, reliable and environmentally friendly.

  • Paper Bags
  • Paper & Plastic Cups for Hot & Cold Drinks
  • Cake Boxes and Boards
  • Food Wraps
  • Foam & Plastic Containers
  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Toilet Paper & Hand Towels
  • Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment

Printing that’s just for you:

Your brand and logo are important to you and at O’Kelly we respect that. We can custom print especially for you to make you stand out in the crowd.  It is one more way that our packaging makes you and your product look good.

Visit us:

Our showroom is open Monday to Friday from 9am – 4pm. If you can’t find what you need, we’ll custom-make a packaging product specifically for you.  

Our showroom is open by appointment only.

Call, visit or email us today. With O’Kelly, when it comes to packaging products, you can profit from our experience.

What is HACCP?

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe, and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level. HACCP is referred as the prevention of hazards rather than finished product inspection. The HACCP system can be used at all stages of a food chain, from food production and preparation processes including packaging, distribution, etc.

HACCP is recognised as an international standard in not only the food manufacturing industry, but also increasingly applied to other industries such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

As part of the HACCP accreditation process, O'Kelly underwent a complete review of internal policies, procedures, staff training modules and record keeping to ensure that the business had the most up to date procedures.