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  •  Kitchenware
  • Main Plate 1/EACH 6/CTN

  • 17 Sides Bowl Round 160mm 1/EACH

  • Decor Lid for 5Ltr Container 1/EA

  • Salad Spoon Small 240MM 1/EACH

  • Melamine Sandwich Plate Black 390x150MM 1/EACH 6/CTN

  • Salad Spinner - Blue 20-25LT 1/EACH

    Special Order Item: Shipping 7 to 14 Days
  • Soda Spoon - S/S 1/EACH 12/PKT

  • Mixing Bowl 240MM 2.2LT S/S 1/EACH

  • Essentials Round Plate 165MM 1/EACH 24/CTN

  • Pastry Server 63x145MM 1/EACH

  • Pizza Tray 250MM Alum 1/EACH

  • Pro Cooker Aluminium Frypan 200x35MM 1/EACH


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