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  • 19314 Plastic Bin 10lt White 6/CTN

    Special Order Item: Shipping 7 to 14 Days
  • 32001 Dust Control Mop 300x100 Complete Swivel Head & Handle 12/CTN

    Special Order Item: Shipping 7 to 14 Days
  • 41250 Neoprene Floor Squeegee 30cm 1/EACH 2/CTN

  • Mop Bucket Kit White

  • Small Kitchen Tidy Liner 18Lt GH04R 1000/CTN

  • White Aluminium Handle 1.5mx25mm 1/EACH 6/CTN

  • Soft Care SS Hand Cleaner H34 Pod 800ML\EA 6X800\CTN

  • LATEX Glove Small 100/PKT 1000/CTN

  • Clear VINYL Glove Small Shamrock 100/PKT 1000/CTN

  • Shamrock 5Lt Toilet Bowl Cleaner 12.5% 5LT/CONT

  • Shamrock 5Lt Sanitiser S&W Gen Purpose 5LT/CONT

  • 27004 Durable Mop Head White 400g 1/EACH 12/CTN


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