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Since 1948, O’Kelly has had an emphasis on supplying high quality, sustainable packaging. As an APC member and a HACCP accredited company, we believe it is possible to balance product quality that is fit for purpose, with sustainable packaging choices that keep the environment in mind.

To help our customers grow their business and make environmentally friendly choices, we provide a range of products that are reusable, recyclable and compostable. We use food safe paper and inks, sourcing our paper and board from paper mills who promote responsible forest management.

O’Kelly is constantly working to raise environmental awareness, increase recycling rates and promote composting. We even promote home recycling and composting among our staff.

Our modern, HACCP accredited facilities ensure our manufacturing process is as sustainable as possible, while producing top-quality food packaging.

We work with Waste Management groups, to ensure sustainable end of life outcomes.

We recycle our wood, paper, cardboard and plastic factory waste, and we have had LED lighting installed throughout our office, warehouse and manufacturing plant, to decrease power usage.


O’Kelly was part of the 2018 APCO working group for Polymer Coated Paperboard (the raw material used to produce cups) where we worked and continue to work towards a mainstream solution for the recycling of coffee cups. Paper cups CAN BE recycled, we need the Material Recovery Facilities to accept them. Whilst a specific cup recycling drop-off program is a definite step in the right direction, we believe that a more accessible kerbside solution is far more sustainable and will mean a far higher percentage of coffee cups will be make it to the recycling stream.