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Introducing Zirrro

Introducing Zirrro

10 May, 2019

Once upon a time, environmentally-friendly packaging was thought to be basic, brown and lacking personality. This all changes with us, Zirrro. Created by O’Kelly, Australia’s premiere packaging company, Zirrro is a new standard in environmentally-friendly packaging. Established in 1948, O’Kelly has always had a passion for creating products that not only meet our customers’ needs, but minimise the impact on the environment. Zirrro was born from our desire to not only help our customers make informed, environmentally focused decisions about their packaging, but also to help the end user of our products dispose of our packaging properly. Our values are ingrained in sustainability; our products echo environmental credentials that ripple across the globe. We strive for zero impact and zero waste with a simple, but important mantra; to reduce, reuse and recycle.


Much needed change is being driven from a government level to help the war on waste. Ministers have endorsed a target of 100% of Australian packaging being recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2025.[1]However the government needs to understand the role they play to meet this target. We need to use our voice to tell them how important the need for better infrastructure is. The right recycling and composting facilities and capabilities are not just ‘nice to haves’ anymore, they are a necessity. It needs to be mainstream. Governments and local councils also need to increase the number and accessibility of clearly marked recycling bins and bins for other waste products in public areas. While the general public are becoming increasingly educated around what can be recycled, government and local councils must assist by providing clearly marked instructions to help people determine the correct bin for their waste. By increasing access to effective recycling and waste points, and improving the education to the general public, this will not only encourage, but allow the public to make the right choices when disposing of their waste.


It is also up to all of us to take responsibility for the choices we make to help the planet. These choices aren’t just about choosing to use recyclable packaging, it is also about making the choice to dispose of your packaging correctly. Through easy to understand icons, Zirrro not only makes it easier for consumers to know what their products are made from, but also what waste stream they should be putting their products in. So now there is no excuse not to dispose of your packaging properly.


The importance of correct waste disposal cannot be understated. Findings from the Australian Plastics Recycling Survey 2016-17 determined that only 11.8% of consumer plastic in Australia was recycled.[2]We believe access to more sophisticated technology and the ease that comes with this to do the right thing is what will reduce the impact of waste on the environment. For example, a comprehensive kerbside recycling solution not only reduces the impact of waste on the environment by ensuring that fewer emissions are generated, but it also helps us preserve valuable natural resources such as coal, oil and water by reducing the production of new materials for products.




While saving the environment, we haven’t forgotten to have fun. Our flexibility in design allows you to showcase your brand in a premium way. Say goodbye to the likes of everyday plain packaging. You can now have a beautifully designed and branded product, and be environmentally friendly at the same time. Through our unique packaging solutions, we are the market leader, and want to help you play your part in saving our environment.


At Zirrro, we have invested in developing packaging which not only exceeds the expectations of our clients, but will also minimise the impact it has on our planet. Our range has a mix of different credentials including:






Products with the recyclable credential can be picked up in kerbside recycling bins or other recycling programs where applicable eg. targeted product recycling programs like paper cups. Paper bags and other paper products such as food wrap, kraft trays and paper plates, paper containers and cups, plastic containers and cups, chopsticks and aluminium foil baking trays are all made from recyclable material. Check with the local council to see what their facility can accept. Products should be as clean as possible to ensure that they make it into the correct waste streams.


Commercially Compostable




These products are made from a plant based material and are compostable in a commercial composting facility. The plastic, known as Polylactic Acid or PLA, used in products with the commercially compostable credential is made from a plant based substance rather than oil. There are around 150 Industrial Composting and Organics Recycling facilities in Australia. Some councils provide composting facilities through their kerbside waste collections either through green organics and garden waste bin or through dedicated organic recycling service.[3]


Home Compostable




Paper products that contain no plastic fall under the home compostable credential. Products such as paper bags and food wrap, cardboard trays and boxes are made solely from paper so they can be composted in a home compost bin.





Biodegradable refers to a substance or object capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution. Shamrock paper bags, food wrap, cardboard boxes, cardboard trays and containers, chopsticks and other products made entirely from paper can biodegrade because, due to the uncoated paper being made from wood pulp, they can be consumed by living organisms in the environment.


Oxo Biodegradable




Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic that has an additive that changes the molecular structure of the plastic and allows it to break down. This plastic acts just like a normal plastic, except that after 6-8 months of being opened, the oxo-biodegradable additive takes effect and it will break down in the presence of oxygen, without leaving fragments in the environment. This means that it will break down in a way similar to a leaf.






These products have been made in the most sustainable way available at the time of manufacture. This means that paper is sourced responsibly and that manufacturing facilities operate with as little waste and environmental impact as possible. Sustainability takes the product’s entire life into consideration, not just the end of life solutions.


Recycled Content




Recycled content means that some percentage of the material being used to manufacture the product is recycled. This is most commonly found in paper and plastic products such as bags, cardboard trays and boxes, cups and containers. All material is processed under strict procedures to ensure the safety of the product meets food safety criteria.


Join us in the fight to ensure our planet thrives. Be future friendly.





[2]Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy. (2017). 2016-2017 Australian Plastics Recycling Survey.


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