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Cutlery Wooden
  • Shamrock Wooden Knife 165mm 1000/CTN

  • Shamrock Wooden Fork 160mm 1000/CTN

  • Shamrock Wooden Dessertspoon 160mm 1000/CTN

  • Shamrock Wooden Teaspoon 110mm 2000/CTN

  • Shamrock Bamboo Chopsticks Full Wrapped 100/PKT 2000/CTN

  • Wooden Fork / Knife /Napkin Pack 400/CTN

    Special Order Item: Shipping
  • Wooden Fork / Knife / Napkin Pack 400/CTN

  • Shamrock Wooden Stirrer 114mm 1000/PKT 10000/CTN

  • Shamrock Wooden Stirrer 190mm 1000/ PKT 10000/CTN

  • Double Pointed Toothpick Unwrapped 5000/CTN

    Special Order Item: Shipping
  • Individual Wrapped Toothpick 1000/PKT

  • Wrapped Toothpick Mint Flavour 1000/CTN

    Special Order Item: Shipping 7 to 14 Days


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