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Kitchen Utensils
  •  Kitchenware
    •  Kitchen Utensils
  • Serving Spoon - Solid 290mm S/Steel Handle 1/EACH 12/PKT

  • 5kg Digital Scale 1gm Graduation 1/Each

  • Mixing Bowl 240MM 2.2LT S/S 1/EACH

  • Mixing Bowl 370MM 7.5LT S/S 1/EACH

  • Red Cutting Board 1/EACH

  • Blue Cutting Board 1/EACH

  • Salad Spoon Small 240MM 1/EACH

  • Jug 1LT Cut Edge Frothing S/S 1/EACH

  • Jug 600ML Cut Edge Frothing S/S 1/EACH

  • Tongs Yellow Insulated Handle 230MM S/S 1/EACH

  • Ice Cream Dipper No 20 Aluminium 59MM 1/EACH

  • Potato Masher - MAXINOX 250MM S/S 1/EACH


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