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  • Soda Spoon - S/S 1/EACH 12/PKT

  • Spoon 400MM Thermoglass 1/EACH

  • Teaspoon S/S - Olympia 1/EACH 12/PKT

  • Table Spoon Mirror Finish 1/EACH 12/PKT

  • Spoon Basting 325MM Solid S/S 1/EACH

  • Steak Knife 110mm Round Tip Black Handle 1/EACH 12/PKT

  • Table Fork Mirror Finish 195mm 1/EACH 12/PKT

  • Table Knife Mirror Finish 222mm 1/EACH 12/PKT

  • Essentials Round Plate 260MM 1/EACH 24/CTN

  • Essentials Round Plate 165MM 1/EACH 24/CTN

  • Palette Knife Plastic 100mm Straight Blade 1/EACH

  • Dessert Spoon Mirror Finish 1/EACH 12/PKT


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