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  • L915 LDensity Bag Venus 50um 9x15 100/PKT 1000/CTN

  • Vacuum Bag 300x400 70um 1000/CTN 2000/OUTER

  • Vacuum Bag 250x350 100um 1000/CTN 2000/OUTER

  • Vacuum Bag 300x450 70um 500/CTN 1000/OUTER

  • Vacuum Bag 300x400 100um 500/CTN 1000/OUTER

  • Vacuum Bag 350x450 70um 500/CTN 1000/OUTER

  • Vacuum Bag 150x200 70um 5000/CTN

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  • Vacuum Bag 200x250 70um 2000/CTN 4000/OUTER

  • Vacuum Bag 300x350 70um 1000/CTN 2000/OUTER

  • Shamrock Small Twist Handle #16 White 355x240+120 250/CTN

  • Shamrock Large Brown Tin Tie Window Bag 500/CTN

  • Vacuum Bag 250x350 70um 1000/CTN 2000/OUTER


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