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Window Cleaning
  • Plastic Handle For Black Squeegee 1/EACH 50/CTN

  • Shamrock Driveway Squeegee Window Washer Black 1/EACH 50/CTN

  • 25cm Professional Window Squeegee B-60201 1/EACH

  • 35cm Professional Window Squeegee B-60203 1/Each

  • 45cm Professional Window Squeegee B-60205 1/Each

  • 45cm Window Squegee Refill B-60205-1 12/PKT

  • 11850 Universal Thread Adaptor 1/EACH 25/CTN

  • 41105 1.85m Prof. Extension Pole 2 Sections 1/EACH 4/CTN

  • 41110 2.45 mt Prof. Extension Pole 2 Sections 1/EACH 4/CTN

  • 41130 Prof. Extension Pole 3 sections 15FT [4.58m] 1/EA 2/CTN

  • 41215 Complete Prewasher 35cm (Window Cleaning) 1/Each 6/CTN

  • 41230 Economy Stainless Steel Window Squeegee Complete 45cm 1/EACH 6/CTN


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