O'Kelly | Plastic Clear Hinge Container
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Plastic Clear Hinge Container
  • Salad Pack Small PKNSAL06 164x118x59 500/CTN

  • Salad Pack Medium PKNSAL07 190x120x58 500/CTN

  • Snack Pack Small PKNSNA10 112x102x64 1000/CTN

  • Snack Pack Medium PKNSNA11 128x130x61 TXSNA11 1000/CTN

  • Snack Pack Large PKNSNA12 150x141x82 600/CTN

  • Long Roll Pack 236x93x71 400/CTN

  • Long Roll Pack 500/CTN

  • Round Roll Pack PWT14 300/CTN

  • PL1 Small Salad Pack 1000/Ctn

  • PL2 Shallow Pack 600/CTN

  • PL2 Deep Lid Pack 600/CTN

  • PL3 Pack Container With Lid 126x187x58 480/CTN


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