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Foil Containers Takeaway
  • 7219E Foil 19oz Takeaway Tray 100/SLV 500/CTN

  • 7119E Foil 30oz Takeaway Tray 100/SLV 500/CTN

  • 7113 CONFOIL Foil Shallow Sq S/Serve Tray 1000/CTN

  • 7117 CONFOIL Small Oblong Tray 500/CTN

    Special Order Item: Shipping 7 to 14 Days
  • 7120 CONFOIL Medium Oblong 1000/CTN

    Special Order Item: Shipping 7 to 14 Days
  • 7123 CONFOIL Foil Shallow 3 Part Meal Tray 500/CTN

  • 7127 CONFOIL Foil Lge Sq Multi Serve Tray 125/CTN

  • 7129 CONFOIL Foil Shallow Multi Serve Tray 400/CTN

  • 7131 CONFOIL Foil Lge 2Kg Oblong Tray 100/CTN

  • 7223E Foil Sq Multi Serve Tray 200/CTN

  • 7225B CONFOIL Foil Lg Oblong T/Away Tray 420/CTN

  • 7231 CONFOIL Foil Lge Deep Half Gast 100/CTN


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